Dirty Girl Kitchen

What goes on in the Dirty Girl Kitchen? Catering Community & Stuff

From our Kitchen

Jams, pickles, chutneys & relishes. All made using our gathered grannies recipes, adapted to the modern day kitchen with a Dirty Girl Kitchen twist. We work toward a sustainable food future by using seasonal and local ingredients where possible and make it our mission to know the farmers who grew it for us so that our product always comes to you with a conscience. As well as being hand-made in small batches and tasting darn right delicious our products are made with love and care with part of all proceeds going back into the Dirty Girl Kitchen Foundation for education and to ‘safeguard granny skills,’ for the next generation.

Baked Goods. Made with organic ingredients where possible, our cakes are made from scratch in our Kitchen using all kinds of fabulous local ingredients. Some of our cakes are Organic and Gluten Free too, such as our chocolate, lemon Meringue tarts (I can see you salivating). From whole cakes to individual cupcakes and muffins, wedding cakes to cookies. We make to order and if it is not on our list, just ask, we would be happy to try out a new recipe.

Soups, Stews and Sauces. All made slowly with fruits and vegetables from our farmer friends. Sourced locally and organic where possible, but more importantly to us than organic is knowing the man or lady farmer whom planted it, loved it and harvested it for us. Our recipes have come from Nona’s and Nanas, Ya Ya’s and Omas and we love every one of them. All of these products are available seasonally and in home or catering sized packs.

Dirty Baby Kitchen baby food. Our baby foods are made using produce our farmers can’t sell to the supermarkets because they don’t like ugly fruit and veg. Some of you may call it waste but we call it produce with character. By using this produce, which is perfectly healthy and tasty, we are helping the environment by wasting less and giving your babies and our next generation the healthy, local, seasonal produce in their baby food that they need to be the next little eco-warriors on our planet!

To Your Kitchen

Our food philosophy is simple. Seasonal, nostalgic goodness. The food you love to eat, not the food they tell us we should be eating. We have a foam free kitchen and our food smells and tastes like the kind of things you ate in your granny’s home. Free from crap – nothing but natural, seasonal, fresh produce is used in our kitchen.

Our Dirty Girl’s are hugely experienced in putting on fabulous events and throwing parties. If it’s just a cake you need, or perhaps a whole wedding to be catered for, we can do everything from planning, styling, catering to sending out the invites (by post of course, just like granny would have).

We would rather have a cup of tea and some scones with jam and cream than send you a quote by email, but if you want to drop us one to start with we can arrange a time to make a plan for your upcoming shin-dig.

Dirty Girl Kitchen collaborates with lots of other fabulous social enterprises and people doing generally wonderful things for us and our planet, so if we don’t do it, I’ll be you we work with someone who does, just ask!